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Paving the path forward for Investment Advisors and Private Bankers

 Private Clients

Comprehensive advice from our Specialists in all matters relating to Capital Investment

Intitutional Clients

Solutions for Institutional Clients in the area of Investment


The need for financial advice has never been higher than it is today

  • Financial investments in Austria amounted to EUR 597 billion in 2020 Source Austrian National Bank 100% 100%
  • 58% of the financial assets are savings accounts or cash (without any interest), Source Austrian National Bank 58% 58%
  • With an inflation of 2% per year, after 25 years 100 EUR become only 60.95 EUR adjusted for purchasing power 60,95% 60,95%
  • The average income of a 60-year-old employed person in Austria. 2019 is EUR 59,237 p.a., that of an average pensioner EUR 25,241 p.a. Source Statistics Austria 42,61% 42,61%


is to provide the latest innovative techniques in the field of financial advice and to transfer know-how to consultants and customers!


For Private Clients

  • Access to the MFC electronic platform and via the MFC App
  • 24/7 access to all contracts, portfolios and accounts
  • Comprehensive analysis of your investment needs
  • Comprehensive analysis of the current portfolio with recommendations

For Financial Advisors

  • Professional support in day-to-day business
  • Own sample portfolios constructed with the know-how of MFC
  • 24/7 access to all customer data and activities
  • Transparent fee model
  • Full professional support in investment issues


For Institutional Clients

  • Advice on asset management matters for institutional clients
  • Tailored investment solutions
  • Professional advice on corporate transactions
  • Brokerage of illiquid bonds and promissory notes


As one of the largest financial distributors in Hungary, we are very satisfied with the services from MFC (Laszlo Erdei, Deputy CEO UFS Group)

Laszlo Erdei

deputy CEO, UFS Group

Due to my long personal contact with the management, I can highly recommend the services of MFC (Alexander Schütz, CEO of C-Quadrat Investment AG)

Alexander Schütz

Member of the Borad, C-Quadrat Investment AG

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