Why MFC?

We work for our clients


How do others work in financial advisory?

  • Paper application
  • Individualized but unprofessional advice
  • No structured processes
  • Insufficient needs analysis at the customer, as too much time is invested in the selection of the products
  • The focus is on the product – not the solution

Solution of MFC

  • More time for the customer’s needs analysis
  • Detailed, scientifically based analysis and investment proposal
  • Online application and online solution (for customers as well as consultants)
  • Own app for investment and securities account information
  • No sale of products – the focus is on the solution

MFC Mikulik Finance Consulting GmbH

  • License according to Section 3 (1) WAG 2018 (investment firm)
  • Business of commercial asset advisor including brokerage of life and accident insurance
  • Business consulting
  • Established in 2013 Limited Liability Company with EUR 220,000 Equity
  • Headquarters: Vienna, office in Graz
  • Managing Directors:
    • Martin Mikulik, Rupert von Amelunxen
  • Share Holders:
    • Martin Mikulik, MBA (26,7 %)

    • Manfred Zöhrer, Bakk. (19,9%)
    • Mag. Stefan Thaller (9,9 %)

    • Thaller Privatstiftung (43,5 %)

Business Model of MFC Mikulik Finance Consulting GmbH

Services MFC

Concession as an investment firm + EU passport

Notification for cross-border activities in Italy and Hungary

Established IT system with its own app for consulters and customers

Electronic advisory processing

Portfolio Optimization for Private Clients

Consulting services for Institutional Customers

Professional Training for Sales Partners

Transparent fee model

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